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Barbeque Masterclass

Barbeque Masterclass

Pitmaster University are at The Waroona Hotel, for our famous 6 hour BBQ, Burger and Taco degustation on Saturday the 20th of May.

Join us just for a day of feasting and lots of laughter, in a fun and relaxed setting.

Whilst you eat like kings, we’ll show you how to hit BBQ home runs at home on a variety of smokers and BBQ’s.

We are proud to say that there simply is no other class that offers as much bang for your buck, anywhere in Australia with tickets are ONLY $160 plus booking fee for our legendary class to learn how to turn cheap cuts into magic and epic meat fest!

The first class is designed to cater for the average Joe or Joanne, just starting out or still learning the art of low and slow BBQ and tailored to be easy to follow recipes, instructions and sure-fire techniques, for you to be able to hit the ground running but we’ll also cater to those that are well on their way to becoming a pitmaster too.

Lots of people just come along for the incredible feed though and many bringing along their wives, husbands and partners for the big day!

This masterclass will cover how to cook a range of meats, with a kiss of smoke and fire, to give you moist, tender, succulent and flavourful results.

The course itself is held over a total of 6 or so hours from 10AM until 4PM, so we can focus on ensuring that everyone can see how simple it is for you to replicate and impress your family and friends at home.