The Convoy


We’re proud to introduce an exciting extension of our venues: The Rec Convoy.

Designed with mobility, versatility, and the same commitment to culinary excellence that defines our brand, our The Rec Convoy brings the best of our offerings directly to you. The trailers encapsulate everything our brand stands for, packed into a mobile format. It’s our commitment to excellence, on wheels, ensuring that every event becomes a delightful culinary journey
for all attendees.


Custom-Crafted Menus

Understanding that every event is unique, we believe in curating menus that resonate with the occasion's theme and ambiance. Collaborating closely with event organisers, our chefs craft menus that cater specifically to the event's requirements, whether it's a casual picnic vibe or a more upscale dining experience. Our dedication to customisation ensures that each dish not only satiates hunger but also complements the event's essence.

Flexibility in Location

One of the most significant advantages of The Rec Trailer is its mobility. Whether you're located in the heart of a metro area or in the picturesque regional areas of WA, our trailer can make its way to you. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the event's location, your guests can always enjoy the signature Rec dining experience.

Festivals and Large-Scale Events

The dynamic nature of our trailer makes it a stellar choice for festivals and large-scale events. Equipped to handle the demands of bustling crowds, it promises to deliver rapid yet delicious service, ensuring every attendee gets a taste of our exceptional culinary delights.

Private Functions and Corporate Events

Transform your private gatherings or corporate functions into gastronomic events with our food trailer. Whether it's a birthday bash, an office party, or a significant corporate meet, our trailer adds a unique charm and ensures your guests are treated to a sumptuous feast tailored to the occasion.

The Drinks Trailer

A game-changer in mobile beverage service. With six versatile taps, it seamlessly dispenses a range of beers, cider and expertly crafted cocktails. Packages include the trailer, kegs, and the essential ice to ensure every drink is served perfectly chilled. A sophisticated, convenient, and always memorable addition.