Responsible Service

Responsible Service

The Rec (Boulder Dash Entertainment Group Pty Ltd) is dedicated to upholding the responsible service of both alcohol and gaming, with a steadfast commitment to fostering a healthy, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for all our patrons and staff members. This commitment is in strict adherence to all legal frameworks and societal expectations, and includes:

  • Offering policies, procedures, and informative resources regarding the responsible service of alcohol and gaming for both our customers and team members;
  • The creation and enforcement of strategies aimed at harm minimisation that can arise from the misuse and/or abuse of alcohol;
  • Ensuring that our customers have access to the necessary support and information to make well-informed choices about their gambling activities;
  • Offering assistance to customers identified as dealing with issues related to problem gambling and/or excessive alcohol consumption;
  • Maintaining a welcoming, secure, and healthy environment for everyone who visits or works at our venues.

For more in-depth information on our policies, please see below.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

The Rec (Boulder Dash Entertainment Group Pty Ltd ABN 59 658 722 028  & Duchess Out Pty Ltd ABN 37 652 302 657) is firmly committed to the responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and aims to ensure a healthy, secure, and friendly environment for our patrons and team members, fully in line with all regulatory mandates and community expectations within Western Australia.

As a licensed entity, we prioritize harm minimization and the responsible service of alcohol; we have established stringent protocols and practices to mitigate the risks associated with alcohol misuse and abuse at our venues. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, safe, and welcoming setting for all visitors.

Recognised RSA Certificate
It is a requirement for all staff members engaged in the sale, supply, or service of liquor to possess a recognised RSA Certificate valid in Western Australia.

Thus, every team member tasked with the sale, supply, or service of alcohol must present original proof of having secured a recognised RSA Certificate when they begin their employment with us.

The Rec is acutely aware of the risk posed by individuals under the age of 18 attempting to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on our premises. Consequently, we are dedicated to implementing all necessary measures to prevent minors from purchasing or consuming alcohol.

Our venue team members are vigilant in preventing underage drinking by requesting photo identification from anyone who looks under 25 years old, accepting only approved forms of photo ID as defined by Western Australian law.

Our team members are educated to recognize that it is illegal to:

  • Sell liquor to an intoxicated customer;
  • Supply or provide liquor to an intoxicated customer;
  • Permit someone else to supply an intoxicated customer with liquor;
  • Allow an intoxicated customer to consume liquor.
  • The Rec does not endorse or approve any promotions that might encourage rapid or excessive alcohol consumption, potentially leading to intoxication. Our staff are trained to foster and promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Deciding to refuse alcohol service is a responsibility our team members may exercise if they believe a patron’s further consumption could lead to intoxication, with management’s full backing in making such judgments.

All team members reserve the right to deny service or entry to any customer.

Duty of Care
The Rec acknowledges its duty of care towards patrons, taking all reasonable steps to ensure their safety on our premises and, where necessary, aiding individuals in leaving the venue safely.

Safe Premises
We have a zero-tolerance policy for abusive, confrontational, indecent, or violent behaviour, with offenders promptly removed from our premises.

Responsible Service of Gaming Policy

The Rec (Boulder Dash Entertainment Group Pty Ltd) takes our responsibilities regarding the responsible service of gaming (RSG) with the utmost seriousness. We are devoted to offering responsible gambling within our venues and actively promote and support the concept of responsible gambling. While gambling is a source of entertainment for many, we recognize that problem gambling poses a significant community issue, affecting a small but significant portion of individuals.

To combat this, we are dedicated to providing necessary support and information to our patrons to help them make informed decisions about their gambling habits. Our team members working in gaming areas receive specialized training and regularly update their knowledge to ensure compliance with both legal obligations and industry codes of practice. The Rec abstains from any activities that could potentially encourage problem gambling.

Our commitment to responsible gaming is demonstrated by:

  • Actively promoting responsible gambling practices.
    Ensuring accessibility to information on gambling help, counselling services, and other support options.
  • Offering and promoting an exclusion/barring program.
    Positioning ATM facilities away from direct gambling areas, including TAB sections.
  • Guaranteeing that all advertising, promotions, and marketing efforts promote responsible gambling and comply with legislative standards.
  • Documenting and reporting any instances of problematic gambling behaviour to the Venue Manager.
  • Adhering strictly to legislative requirements for payout of winnings and suggesting a cooling-off period.
  • Providing free water to encourage breaks in play.
  • Encouraging team member interaction with patrons to promote responsible gambling habits.
  • Ensuring visibility of time within the gaming areas to aid in time awareness.
  • Firmly prohibiting credit betting and displaying all mandatory signage related to gambling.

Our key areas of focus for compliance include:

  • Enforcing a strict no-minors policy within gaming rooms and wagering areas, along with a prohibition on serving alcohol to minors.
  • Providing comprehensive and ongoing RSG training for our team members, including annual refreshers and updates on exclusion practices.
  • Vigilantly managing self-exclusion agreements, ensuring that excluded patrons are promptly removed from the venue without any financial transactions.
  • Reporting any breaches of exclusions to both management and relevant regulatory bodies as required.
  • Prohibiting credit betting by team members and patrons alike, recognizing the legal implications of such actions.
  • Promptly reporting any regulatory inspections or communications to our Compliance Manager.
  • Refusing gambling services to intoxicated or disorderly patrons, while offering assistance with alternative transportation options.
  • Adhering to state-specific guidelines and Gambling Codes of Practice for advertising gaming machines.
  • Handling customer complaints efficiently, recording all incidents, and conducting regular reviews by our Operations and Compliance teams.
  • The Rec (Boulder Dash Entertainment Group Pty Ltd) is committed to upholding the highest standards of responsible gaming, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all patrons.